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I used to think the “Pot of Gold” was found at journey’s end. As I age I learn it is everywhere. Today I went on a search for a pot of gold and this is what I found.

It is in a sunrise. It is in the leather of a pair of old boots. I found it in the light from a window and the toes of a tree frog. It was in a bush at the side of a church. I found it in durians in Malaysia and a dining room in the UK .  It was in Spout Cave in Africa. It was in a “Swallows Wing” and “Between Scylla and Charybdis 4”. It was in a little yellow bird and a highlight on a tomato. I found it in “Core Values” and the coat of a beloved pet. It was in a sunflower and in a journey. It was in a Haiku and the robe of an old friend. It was in the paintings of Remedios Varo. I found gold in “Araku Valley” and “Las Penas de Haya” . I found it in bricks. It was in a lily and a Ganesh. It was in the eyes of wildlife and in the setting sun of Big Sur.



  1. I love the stippled effect over the washes in the foliage on the trees – and the golden palette! The movement in the tree trunks gives this too, a dreamlike effect for me. Beautiful.

    • Thank-you, Sarah. The stippled effect is the wax on the coldpress paper. Thank-you for Remedios Varo post.

  2. Good colour.

  3. How wonderful! The painting is beautiful, and the comment is amazing. You are so right about that pot of gold!

    • Thanks Beth. You had so many gold things I finally decided on that little tree frog. His toes glisten.

  4. Leslie, I am aghast, what a beautiful way to share a thought….I’m speechless, I enjoyed this immensely and passed it on to friends….thank you…wow….

    • On the contrary, thank-you, my friend, for a beautiful sunflower. I think I’ll go in search of something every quarter because this was fun to visit you all this afternoon.

  5. Thank you for that Leslie

  6. you can find gold in haikus! that’s so true. love the colors in this one, the leaves look soft and cloud-like. you definitely have a unique style running through many of your watercolors.

  7. Leslie, that’s gorgeous. I could walk and wander inside your painting for a few hours… that would be nice… 🙂


  8. “I used to think the “Pot of Gold” was found at journey’s end. As I age I learn it is everywhere.”

    …Or, as the great haiku poet Masaoka Shiki once wrote: “The materials for poetry are all about you in profusion.”

    • Thanks Joshua. It was actually your tale of the removed birch trees that got me thinking of doing this with this post. Don’t birch trees have golden leaves in the fall?

  9. Such beauty you find around you, and such gold in the strength of your words. You remind us what the “pot of gold” we seek really is. Your works of art and works of words are truly inspiring! Thank you, Leslie.

    • Thank-you Kate. I couldn’t help but end this with a Big Sur sunset. I chose that one over the others because of what you said on that particular post.

  10. Leslie, you knew I would love this as you painted it, didn’t you? It’s wonderful!

  11. I love this fall painting and the description following the picture. Is the place pictured here same as the one in your previous fall painting?It looks more like in the East Coast area.

    • Yhank-you, Raji. This was from an old photo that I took on the bridle trail at Potato Creek State Park, years ago. Thank-you for the lovely old boots you painted.

  12. YOU are the pot of gold, girl! What a treasure you are for bringing to life such beauty! This painting is sooooo luminous! Stunning!

    • Thanks, Isabelle. Thank-you for illustrating all your journeys for us!

  13. The pot of gold at the handle end of the paint brush… The art you create shimmers with life.

    • What a wonderful compliment. Thanks Ryan. …and thank-you for those beautiful eyes you painted.

  14. This is a lovely painting. Makes me want to kick through the leaves.

    • Thanks Bill. I agree, kick through them. When my family lived on a lake, we raked them up and roasted apples wrapped in tinfoil in the burning embers. Where I live, now, we can’t burn leaves. Thank-you for that gold bush at the side of the church.

  15. you struck again

  16. You are awesome! What a neat idea.

    • Thanks Jay. …..and thank-you for the highlight on the tomato!

  17. Thanks so much! What a great post.

  18. wonderful gold filled painting. Is this mixed media Leslie? and wonderful words about what is the real value of life. r.

  19. Thank you Leslie, you always have a beautiful way of putting your thoughts into words and transform them into art.

    • Thank-you, Francis. I have to laugh a little when I thank you for your durians.I didn’teven know there was such a thing as a durian, so thank-you!

  20. First of all I was struck by this beautiful painting & then by your wonderful idea of linking to all those different blogs. There you go – you don’t just have to be Damien Hirst to be a conceptual artist!
    But back to the painting, it strikes me as one of your best yet. The colours are so rich & the sunlight really seems to be illuminating everything.I like how the tree trunks break up the spaces.I enjoy seeing the different elements within these.

    • Thank-you for this comment, Sonya. Just this morning I was thinking I could have done better on this one. It meant a lot to hear that you liked the light through the trees. Thank-you for “Las Penas de Haya”.

  21. You know that your Autumnal paintings are my favourites and now you’ve (unbelievably)taken them further. The way you’ve painted the light shining through the trees, the shadows on the path, the dancing leaves – takes my breath away.

    Your post is delightfully warm and charming and I enjoyed looking at all the links – thank you for linking to my bird.

    • Wow! Thank-you, June. ..and thank-you for that beautiful yellow bird!

  22. Leslie,
    your colors are alive and vibrant, and I can feel the warmth of the sun,…
    What an absolutely marvelous way to share beauty and art!!

  23. awwww Leslie! Another beautiful fall painting. And like all the different color leaves you’ve managed to provide links to all your favorite bloggers who make up the leaves in your colorful blog world.

    Thanks! for your beautiful painting and for the links for all of your fans to look at.

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