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This is a landscape of  the Columbia Street bridge by Lakeside park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was attracted to the shadow cast by the big maple tree and the light coming from the other side, brightening the water.

A Taylor Made Life has included this image on his blog . Thank-you Joe!


  1. Leslie, I absolutely adore the way you painted the leaves on the top of the painting with the light shining through. Absolutely beautiful. I can feel the sun shining through.

    And the background foliage reminds me of the pointillist (sp?) painting you did a while back. But I can’t stop looking at those leaves!!!! Fall is coming. Get your brush ready.

    • Thank-you, Carol. I did the leaves with a 1/2 inch stroke brush I found recently at our art supply store. I held it sideways and moved it up and down, scumbling different colors together on the paper. I, too, was intrigued by the leaves on the maple tree. They were like a canopy framing the scene. Yep…did the background like that pointillism piece earlier. You rule!

    • severnyproductions
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 8:09 am
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    so rough, yet so soft. this small and simple painting packs in so much

  2. Hey Leslie – i love all the colours in the leaves – and the shadow. S

    • Thanks, Stephen! This was painted on our not-so-favorite paper, Saunders Waterford. Trying to use it up. And…..maybe find something I do like painting on it.

  3. This is lovely – I like the leaves, and throughout your use of colour – and the way it leads my eyes around the painting. Very inviting scene!

    • Thank-you, Sarah. When I first saw this view, standing there on a Monday morning, my thought was how nature had offered me a composition. Sometimes I wonder how very many my eye has failed to see and appreciate.

    • heatherslalaland
    • Posted September 5, 2009 at 5:41 pm
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    Ooo lovely colours Leslie, and so vivid. I love the movement in the background. Sorry I’ve not been over this week, but things have been crazy as you know. I’ve been working more on my project all day today, and will be tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day…haha, no rest for the wicked! Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments 😀

    • Thank-you for the visit, here, Heather. I’m trying to follow all they are assigning you to do. Phew! Thanks for the comment on the color.

  4. I like how you handled the foliages in this piece.Bold strokes in the foreground and light squiggles in the background.The squiggly strokes are quite interesting. I think I have never seen that done anywhere ever before.

    • Thank-you, Raji. You are so noticing. I read a book once about laying color next to color and the lady used pointillism little blobs and let the color run together. I have been fascinated with that technique and have tried to incorporate the flow of what I see as I render it. That’s the explanation for the “squiggly” strokes. I love your term for it.

  5. This looks like a place to sit and do nothing – the water is so still.

    I agree with everyone on your great leaf painting. Close examination of your wet-on-wet treatment of the multicoloured grass made me think it shouldn’t work, yet it does – capturing the dappled shade and undulating riverbank.

    • Thank-you, June. I agree about the dappled ground thing. If you look at it up close, all it looks like are wet-in-wet paint blobs next to each other. ..but if you back off it a little it looks like shaded grass dappled by sunlight. The other thing I like about it is that I used to try to do grass ‘like blades of grass’…yuck…not only is it tedious, but my grasses done that way look like plastic.

  6. The composition of this painting works really well. I like how you’ve broken up the space with the alternating light & dark areas. That diagonal line along the bank invites you to walk along it & round to the bridge.

    • Thank-you, Sonya. I wasn’t sure that the diagonal worked, but one can do just that in this area. The water is a small still pond that locals fish in and it can be walked around. I love the new art you just posted. You definitely have a style you can call all your own.

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