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Magnificent obsession,

drawing lines,

so you and I can SEE.

47whitebuffalo has a haiku on her sight and is asking you to visit and leave one of yours. It was pretty fun. I googled haiku and read what it was and submitted mine that you see above.

I like to think that the knight has interceded and saved the bull from the matador. The piece was rendered in ink on 140lb coldpress Arches.


  1. Interesting subject Les…creative haiku…there is no stopping you…

    • Thanks, Tracey. 47 is really into this. I think it’s a neat idea. Maybe you can share one?

  2. O Leslie, that’s lovely. Yes, very nice together. OOOOO-!!
    (btw, me be a she–lol)

    • Thanks for the compliment, 47, or would you rather be called Eva? I kind of liked that 47 thing. I edited you to a “her”, by the way. I didn’t know if your name was Eva or the letters stood for something like environmentally very astute.

      • Hey, I’ll answer to a lot. LOL. Eva is fine. 47 works as does WB and variations on the theme. Yes, the numbers do stand for something. Never thought of environmentally astute–But that does work too. grins.

  3. Nice glowing colours Leslie – you are doing a lot of work – S

    • Thank-you, Stephen. This one I actually did last winter using these realistic looking toys, my granddaughter has. It just seemed to fit with the haiku I wrote for white buffalo. I will probably have to slow down in a couple of weeks. I start teaching again.

  4. The haiku thing may be beyond me, but I love this painting!

    • Thank-you, Beth. I’ll bet you could do haiku. I guess it’s three non-rhyming lines that describes a thought you have or something you’ve seen.

      • Oh sure, anyone can do haiku. One form is three lines: 5 syllables line, 7 syllables next line, 5 syllables last line—OR just a ‘small’ poem. Hey, we are NOT picky. Come drop something that does or doesn’t rhyme–it’s a poetry buffet–potluck. grins –everyone is welcome–haiku dos or no.

  5. Okay Leslie & 47, I’ll drop by again & check it out. he he I’m always up for a little fun!

    • I’ll have to jump to 47’s and see if you dropped a haiku.I figured you would be one of the first ones there!

  6. Each picture you do is completely different from the previous one, which is most refreshing.

    This is a stunning image…lovely colours and fluidity, giving an air of drama and rapid movement.

    • Hi June. Thank-you for this comment. I worry a little because I hear artists talk about style, style, style so you become recognizable. I’m not so sure I have a style other than I think there is fluidity to my lines in most pieces. I think why I do a lot of different things is because I’m constantly exploring techniques and mediums to offer my students a wide variety. Not everyone sees or renders like another. If I don’t expose myself to this, I don’t feel comfortable helping other artists grow.

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