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This painting was painted much the same way as St. Joe River Bend, below. I painted the background in a flat wash wet-in-wet and allowed that to dry until the shine left the paper and then filled in the shadow so it would blend with those colors. I painted the legs with dabs of color that were layed in next to each other and allowed that to dry. Next, I took a wet brush and smoothed all the leg areas, wiping my brush on paper towels so I always used clean water as I returned to the painting. This caused the pigment colors to flow into each other and created softer edges between color blotches. I did not do that in the trees in the post below (that’s why the edges are crisper in that one). The last thing I did was paint each tail hair in sweeping strokes using the colors that I used in the legs.



  1. i dont feel qualified to judge your work at all. brilliant

    • Kokot. You are definitely qualified. Think of your shepherd, your boat, your lion cub. But thank-you so much. Brilliant made my day. I would love to see more morning photos!

  2. Oh I love your detail work here! mmm so glad I followed your tracks from KoKot’s Kitchen…oo okay me see more …

    • Thank-you White Buffalo. You made me laugh with “me see more”….makes me feel good.

      • o you ought to ‘feel good’. Hey, I dropped by to suggest, if you’re at all inclined to leave a link with your haiku to your art–something you think compliments the poem or just something you like. Mix the word art and the visual art. yep. waves & grins

        I see Chef Kokot has been admiring your work. I see you Tart of the Arts. LOL. ain’t blogland fun?

  3. Right on Les, glad you are using so much of that paper, I knew you would know what to do with it….great work

    • Thanks, Tracey. The Magnani paper really allows the light of the paper to show through a touch more.

  4. I love your work. I love the fact that you tell us the technique you use in painting your paintings. I will follow your blog – can always learn more. Thanks.

    • Thank-you, Violet. I can always use more art friends. I loved your goat painting!

  5. Hey Leslie – you are are pushing your ‘dabs of color’ technique further and further. I really like this. The legs are beautifully modeled and the swishing tail adds movement. And the yellow/orange really pops with the dark blue leg.

    • Thank-you, Stephen. I love trying to make this work and read OK. Been gone for a few days. Will be over to your blog as soon as I get caught up to see what you’ve been doing.

  6. This is fascinating, Leslie! Thanks for telling us how you did it!

    • Thank-you, Beth. I have been gone a few days and will be over to your site soon.

  7. Wonderful array of browns and golds. Another fine piece !

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