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potatocreekturtles click image to enlarge

This was the most fun to create! My daughter in law sent me a photo and asked if I might be able to do something with it. At first I could not discern what she sent. In the photo, all the colors blended together like a Bev Doolittle painting. I chuckled when I finally saw the turtles. For this painting I used the same colors throughout the composition to try and give the same effect, but darkened the darks and left the lights a little lighter than the reference photo. I used that new Cartiera Magnani paper because I thought it might brighten everything up.

Isabelle challenged me to do a beach painting a couple weeks back. Does this qualify? There’s no beach but there’s water and sunbathers. It is very Indiana.


  1. Wow Leslie, this is beautiful. I had to click on it to really see it, but once I did….wow!

    I love the turtles and the green in the background. Along with the water and reflections.

    • You verified that I accomplished what I wanted to. Thank-you, Carol.

  2. I still remember the first time I saw a Bev Doolittle painting — Indians on Pintos among the Aspens or Birches. It took me a while to really see what she had accomplished.

    I think this is a fine example of that “style.” You are very gifted. I am so glad you feel led to share your gifts with others.

    • Thank-you for the comment, Kate. I think the Indians on the Pintos was the first one I saw, also. That must have been the leader for all the others.

  3. this is a delightful painting – I love the colors in the turtles – those turtles are up to no good!!

    • Thank-you, Stephen. It looks to me like they were all ready to jump off that log if my daughter-in-law took one more step towards them.

  4. I am a fan of Bev Doolittle also, the first painting I saw of her was the Indian on the Pintos – the one that forms an eagle. I still have that picture up on my inspiration wall. I love it.

    I really like this painting, especially the colors you used for the turtles’ shells.

    • Thanks, LittleLynx! The secret in the shells is that I wet the shell and fed light washes of the same colors I used in the water. While the shell was still wet, I lifted out the highlight.

  5. What’s left to say? Beautiful Les.

  6. Well indeed, what is left to say – apart from I love your turtles!

  7. This is really gorgeous – I’m always slightly in awe of watercolours anyway, as I’ve never had the patience to learn to control them properly, but this would impress me no matter the medium! The subtlety and softness of the shell colours, as someone else mentioned above, and the fluidity of the water are fantastic.

    • Thanks Alex. I was very impressed with your night ink drawing in sepia.

  8. This is beautiful, Leslie! You nailed the reflections!

    • Thank-you, Beth. I finished all the upright turtles first, then had to face like 12 more reflections! Phew! I was thankful that they all didn’t reflect. 16 more turtles would have done me in.

  9. Love the turtles!

    • Thanks, Jay. I’ve been waiting to see the progression in the skull painting with the blue tarp behind it.

  10. Oh! Wish I was a turtle! It’s so beautiful! Think I can jump in and sit on the log with them ??

    • Thank-you, Isabelle. I think if you jumped in, they’d be gone and you could have the whole log!

  11. Nice work, Leslie! I’ve been meaning to comment on your work for a while – finally got around to it. I like your use of colour – brave and imaginative. You also have a good feeling for tone. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank-you, Keith. I like the idea of trying to create on a two-dimensional surface. I like the brave part of your comment. Smile.

  12. Leslie, I love it! I often kayak on White River and we appreciate our turtle neighbors.

    • Thank-you for the comment, Tom. Don’t they look like they are all ready to dive if my daughter-in-law took one more step?

  13. Leslie,

    Kind of like the same composition as that photo.. you know the one of the NYC skyscraper builders sitting and eating lunch on the steel I-beam at like 1000 feet up.


    • Hey Rog. Leave it to you to come up with that. I love that photo and didn’t make the connection, but it is very similar, I agree.

  14. Cool – love the composition. Makes you wonder what the turtles are watching. It’s very restful and playful at the same time.

    • Hi Antsketch. Thanks for visiting and for the comment. I think, but don’t know for sure, that these turtles were keeping a very close eye on my daughter-in-law and her approach with the camera. Smile. Your recent sketch was sooooo good.

  15. Beautiful colours in this painting Leslie – I love the whole reflective qualities shimmering. You are so lucky to able to observe nature like this. The only time I’d see anything approaching this would be in a zoo – and then I doubt it. Great work!

    • Thank-you for taking the time to click on this one, Lynda! My daughter-in-law took this picture at a state park near where they live. When she asked me if I could use the photo and handed it to me, I didn’t see the turtles, at first! 🙂 So I had to paint it as close to that feeling as possible. Can you imagine trying to snap the photo of this? At any moment, they could have gone diving off that log. I can walk along a river, here. Sit by a lake not too far away. I paint with a friend in the country in the summertime. I am lucky.

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