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I found a new watercolor paper that I love! It’s 140 lb cold press and acid free. It is called Cartiera Magnani. I like to try new papers. This just beat out Lanaquerelle cold press 140 lb for me because of it’s reasonable price. I was amazed with the transparency of it. I would not recommend it for the beginner/beginner who is trying to learn to master technique, but for anyone looking for more transparency and more of a wet look, combined with lifting properties, this is a good choice. I’ve already put in a request to the site where I purchased it for more sizes. This piece is 8 x 20. I found it in the blog roll on Dissengallery Blog 

The  flamingo is from a reference photo my daughter took at Busch Gardens this spring. Thank-you Corey!


  1. Great use of this paper Les, fabulous color and technique, I can’t wait to see the next one!

    • Thanks, Tracey. I’m infatuated with this stuff, so I will be creating more on it.

  2. Bravo! The wet-on-wet used in the background has me drooling. I’ll bet that paper costs an arm and a (long) leg.

    • Hi June. Love the “long” leg comment. You are so much more creative on this comment part than I. The paper is not expensive. Less than I’ve payed for Arches or Lanaquerelle. That’s what is fantastic about it. I think it’s going to be OK for my ink work, also, as the surface is fairly smooth for coldpressed paper.

  3. This is great Leslie. I love the clean lines, the luminous feathers and the saturation of the reds in the head and neck. 8 x 20 is a nice size to work in to get some detail and still keep it manageable for the big washes I think. Did you mask out the flamingo to put in the background?

    • Thanks for the comment, Stephen. No, I didn’t mask the flamingo. I wet the paper, in sections, around the flamingo and then went into that with a 1/2 inch stroke brush and fed saturated color into the water. A lot of the effects of the background were how the water carried the amount of pigment I fed to it. I have to work pretty fast when I do this as it always looks better if you can do it in one pass. I went back into the bird and layered him.

  4. I love you’re background treatment also. The edges of the colors are beautiful. It’s what I’m trying to achieve with my work. I need to get some of that paper.

    • Thanks, Jack. Read what I put in the reply to swatch about wetting the background first and then feeding strong pigment in. If you stroke into a dry background of this paper, you get a scumbling effect instead of the “swimmy look it has now. I’m enjoying your posts on your site. Hope others are finding you, too.

  5. Love the painting! It does retain some watery qualities! Good choice for the subject matter!

  6. What colours !!Such intensity and yet watery! I love how you don’t have the whole body fitting in the page ! fantastic !

    • Thank-you, Isabelle. Someone told me, along the way, that an artist can create interest by not having the whole form on the page. In this, I chose to do this because the format is long and skinny and it gives him more room to pick up his head and wander on through off the right side.

  7. Love the colors in the bird and the way you did the feathers! Am really loving the background too! Beautifully done!

    • Thank-you Carol. I used winsor orange(red shade) and light washes of alizarin crimson with naples yellow and a little raw sienna. I played around with those colors on scrap paper for awhile to see what they did together. Then to shade some of the ins and outs, I used a light mixture of dioxizine violet. The feathers; thanks for liking how I did them. I need some practice there. Sooooo, you’ll all get to witness my bird paintings!

  8. Oooooo, my favorite colors! I just love the beautiful corals and the background really sets it off!

    • I thought of your work when I began to lay out my palette for this one, Beth. Your use of color told me I can do this!

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