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walkingthedogs2  click enlarges

I wanted to try a street scene. This is going to take time to master. I’ve made a promise to myself to try to have a street scene going while I’m working on other things, too. I had to stop and think about value, color, and line a lot with this.


  1. I knew I would love it when I saw just the shading of the dog walker done, and I was right, another great painting Les.

    • Thanks, Tracey. …..but you wouldn’t believe how many times I had to go back in and darken him as I was working on this piece. This was definitely a case of the art leading the artist. Everytime I thought I had the lights and darks the way I wanted them, something needed changing. That’s why I say I need to have something “busy” on the back burner at all times to learn this.

  2. Oh I really like this one!. Compositionally I really like the violety blue (well that’s how it looks on my monitor anyway) triangle made by the man’s suit, the car and the woman’s top on the left. I love the colours and feel of sunlight, the illustrative style and finally the dog’s bottoms. I love those dog’s bottoms!

    • Sarah, thank-you. It is antwerp blue and violet. Double thank-you for noticing the composition. I worked hard on the lights and darks and colors of this to develop that. There is a triangle repeated in the man and the dogs. I had to call an artist friend at the end of creating this and we both decided I needed to darken the suit on the man to bring him back this way. The dogs were the reason I wanted to paint this. Without them, it would have been boring. Thanks for “getting it”.

  3. This painting is so full of light! I love it! And so much detail, yet not too “brainy”. I love how the man and the blue car kind’o’look alike: same color, and same roundish-comfy feeling…and of course, the dogs… Well done !

    • You found where I had to darken the man over and over again. The man and the car fought each other until I got him dark enough. It was a good lesson. Thank-you, Isabelle, for the compliment.

  4. Hey this is great – I see you have taken a lot of care over the cars. And there is a lot going on – I can feel a tension between the blue car and the blue suit – which the dog seems to be mirroring – But the suit is ignoring it and looking the other way – nice Leslie

    • I like your take on the suit and the car thing. I never thought of that. Anyone walking his dogs in a suit would probably prefer a luxory car. I should have painted him one, but it was hard enough getting these on there. Thanks, Stephen.

  5. Outstanding! The color is great and its really captivating!

    • Thanks, Jay. Your comment means a lot since you helped me to decide that I had to get that suit darker!

  6. Wow. This is nice! Thanks for visiting me and leaving such an encouraging comment. Now that I’ve seen your work, I feel even more honoured! Cecily

    • Thank-you, Cecily. I feel you do an incredible job with shape. So the feeling is mutual. I will return to your site.

  7. Leslie, this is a wonderful street scene. I am glad you will continue to work on these, although I can only imagine how hard they must be to do effectively. But you nailed the composition on this one, subtle, yet striking.

    Me, I have to work on my people shots!! LOL. I prefer Mother Nature.

    • Thanks, Kate. Mother nature is easier in paint, also. We seem to pass such judgement on the human form.

  8. I’ve been wanting to do a cityscape for awhile, but have been intimidated.

    You did a great job here! Love the guy walking the dogs.

    • I probably wouldn’t have done this if it weren’t for that guy in the suit with two white dogs. Thanks for the comment, Carol. I felt bad for you that you lost that building drawing. They take time to lay out, let alone to paint.

  9. So much detail – so many degrees of difficulty, especially with a crowd of people. I enjoy enlarging your images to see your strokes – the dogs have so much character, one with it’s ear up and the other leaning slightly whilst tugging on the leash. One can almost hear the hum of voices,the thrum of car engines and the dry panting of the eager dogs – also like the splashes.

  10. Wow! Well tried… the blue color seems to make the whole scene look calm and sunny…Street compositions are interesting to make and watch too.

    • Thank-you, Lily. Thanks about the blue because that took some thought.

  11. This is amazing! The roundness of the forms is really well done!!! WOW! You really should do more street scenes, Leslie!

    • Thank-you, Beth. I’ve got to get started on my promise to myself to keep a street scene going. I’ll do that tonight.

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