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I started this painting last Sunday, on site. I was able to get the drawing down as well as the shadows on the building, foliage and some of the reflections  in the large window. I was most interested in the doorway as its’ color and the way the light was hitting it just drew me in. We have had a bit of a dry spell here and it seems to make the light look more severe due to burned-out lawns and dried-out everything.


  1. Wow! this is so full of light! Very impressive!

  2. Very beautiful light – I like the foliage very much too.

  3. Looks as if you were slightly elevated. Buildings being my weak point, I’m in awe of your crisp lines – you captured the shadows and dappled light very well and the leaves on the tree at the top make it very 3-D.

  4. It was a pleasure to witness you creating this one Les, thanks for allowing me to come over and paint with you…came out great.

    • Your painting was pretty “sweet” and it was fun watching you paint. I don’t know if it’s allow. You’re welcome any time. The most fun about painting together is to watch each other’s interpretation of something.

  5. Wonderful lighting on this, Leslie. Such a treat to discover a different medium.

  6. Thanks for the tip. I think I have it set up, and you are my test case!

  7. I love this – what a delightful subject – in Berry street – lovely – It seems you were sitting under the tree and I can just feel the heat – You seem to put a lot of work into the detail like the leaves which balances nicely with the clear walls – with their shadows. We have rain pouring down which I love – but a short break in the heat here was good.

  8. You got it right. I was under a tree. But! By the time I finished for the afternoon the sun was hitting me hard. I was hot. I know, detail, and the leaning door because I refuse to use t-squares, rulers, etc. For me the drawing is as fun as the painting. Rained here some yesterday morn, but not enough. Your rain painting is a wonder!

  9. I love how it all seems to float; that ephemeral quality, and the bright white of highlights, are what I like best about watercolors.

    • Thanks, Tom. I was trying for that. There is an artist that sort of designs his white space and I was trying to do that with this one, so your comment means a lot.

  10. Ooooooo! I was immediately captivated by the doorway! The light on this painting is really wonderful! I would love to learn to do that!!!

    • Thanks, Beth. It was a good day to get the shadows and I worked hard at staring and squinting till I figured out that the shadows from the building are geometric and the ones from the trees flow. I tried to lay all the shadows in with light washes of prussian blue and let that dry before I went in with local color.

  11. Love the doorway and the shadows. And the railings! Reminds me of some of the old buildings in my neighborhood.

    Great foliage too.

    • Thank-you, Carol, for saying something about these railings. They were tedious. I had to go over them several times to get them dark enough.

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