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This is Timber who suffered an unfortunate fate and was one of my daughter’s beloved pets. I painted this picture shortly after he passed. He spent his last year on three legs but got around really well. He is pictured here in a March snow. I tried to portray melting snow under where his heart would be with large washes of prussian blue and permanent rose around the edges and some salt for special effects. Because he left her shortly after this, I painted in the footprints wet-in-wet leading off the left side. I tried for the angle of his head to appear as though he was looking toward my daughter like he always did. It was as though he was there to be her best friend. Sometimes I think it’s so hard to say something that is bigger than life with paint, but it’s always worth a try.


  1. Excellent snow effects…use a little salt?

    • Thanks for the compliment, Tracey. I first wet the entire background behind, Timber. I made the puddle of prussian blue in the right hand corner and let it spread outward. I then developed the footprints on the left side and fed in light washes of permanent rose so the snow didn’t look so cold. Then I applied salt right before the shine left the paper in the lower right hand corner. Anyone who hasn’t tried salt needs to know that it acts different with different colors as well as different papers. It takes time to see the effects. Too much can ruin the effects, so sit and watch it. I think I played with this area for a half hour as it dried.

  2. You mean I can have fun and games to get special effects? That’s cool! Can’t wait to have a play around with salt.

    Lovely painting of the dog’s coat, especially the blue and the areas you left white.

    • Yes! Remember that you need to sit there and watch it. Less is more in this case because each little grain of salt sucks up the water and pushes the pigment outward creating little stars and sometimes big stars. I find it works best on coldpressed papers. I haven’t had much luck with it on rough. Thank-you for the comment on the dog’s coat. The background, I left the white of the paper. But….I wanted the dog to have some body and look more opaque so there is American Journey titanium white mixed in in areas. And thanks for taking an interest in this one.

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