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Another thing I like to do is what I call dot art. I play around with laying color next to color and let them run together., but in blotches rather than large puddles. I try to use the colors to define the shapes of the subject. This is an example of that. I so admire Judi Whitton and read her book Loosen Up Your Watercolours. Obviously, I didn’t loosen up much but her descriptions and examples were so inspiring that I came up with something new and refreshing that I could call my own.



  1. Yay, I finally found your blog. Love your watercolors and enjoyed your comments. Will continue to peruse your blog. I’m now off to look at the colored pencils.

    • Thank-you, for the visit and the comment. I’m sorry it was hard for you to locate my blog. June told me how to fix my admin pages so bloggers could click on my user name to track to me. It should be easier in the future. I fixed it.

  2. I have looked at the large version of this painting. I like the way you get such saturated colours – this dog just wants to play – and chew.

    • Thanks, Stephen. Thanks fo saying you like the saturated colors. I use Winsor Newton tube colors. When I need to get my colors so dark for like this brindle boxer, I squeeze dabs of fresh paint into the wells in my palette, spray them a little, making sure they are not pastey and dip my brush in.For the lighter washes (eyes, tongue, white areas, and background), I mix light washes in my extra wells. I agree with you on the playing and chewing.

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