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Happy Birthday USA!



  1. Oh my Gosh, Leslie! This is beautiful!! She just looks utterly joyful!!

  2. Thanks, Beth!

  3. This is really lovely – and not an easy pose with the head thrown backwards.

    Yours style is very free, which grabs my eye – it reminds me more than a little of Charles Reid’s style, although better choice of greens. I’ve only just discovered CR and only had 2 of his books for 5 days so still have a lot to learn.

  4. It probably reminds you of CR because this was another quick pose because the model was laying back across a bench and could only hold it for about 15 minutes. I did a quick and loose line drawing and sploshed my colors on her body, very quickly. I added the background and the splatters later. Try as I may, I jump from style to style because I enjoy several different artists’ approaches. Sometimes I feel long and layered. Sometimes I feel like “get it done”. I try to let my feelings, my subject matter, and the day tell me what to do.

  5. Yes ! What a fantastic, energetic, joyful painting ! And so real! I am glad you stayed away from the red-white-blue theme.

  6. Thank-you Isabelle. Between the two of us, we covered both sides of women this week, don’t you think?

  7. Yea! She made it to your site. I have always loved the joy you captured with this one!

    • Thanks, Kim. I posted this just for you on your favorite Holiday! I wondered when you’d see it!

  8. Leslie – can I ask who your model is?

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