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I painted these leaves last year in the park.They were those huge leaves that grow so tall. This particular grouping stood taller than me. I was intrigued with all the curvey line and how their colors flowed together. After painting them, I couldn’t decide what to do with the background, so I stowed it away for a couple months. Later, I read an article about filling in background with india ink and tried it. I used several different size brushes and very carefully washed the ink into the background being careful to overlap strokes while the ink was still wet. I let the whole thing dry overnight. There were some streaks but not many. The last thing I did was use Lamp Black Watercolor to go over the ink. The author had suggested this as a tool to soften the india ink. It did just that and balnced the two mediums a little better.


  1. Hi Leslie, this painting makes me feel good!

    • Thanks Chris!
      And by the way, I’m waiting for the BIG Empire State Building.

  2. I’m still working on studies for the big ESB and will probably wait until I’m finished with the whole painting before posting that one.

    Let me say again – this painting has some positive vibes!

    • I hope others are taking advantage of visiting your site for the great discussions of what you go through to understand watercolor.

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