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Thanks to encouragement from fellow artist and friend, Jay Bastian, I attempted my first oil painting. I followed the simple steps that Anne Kullaf had listed for alla prima painting on her blog, Loosen Up! Both Jay and Loosen Up are included in my blogroll if you want to check out their work. I painted a value study in burnt sienna and then painted my colors in next to each other so I wouldn’t get muddy. I had to retouch areas where I felt the paint was too thin or I did not like the brush stroke I had used. This was fun.


  1. Dang Leslie, you kill me, I have never even tried to master oil, though I have done a couple, the paints are too messy for me. But, you! This is incredible and an amazing use of colors. I love it. Sydney will certainly appreciate all of these great works of her when she grows up and what a great thing to have from grandma. Fabulous Les and thanks for keeping your site “fresh”, I check every day in anticipation of something new and wonderful.

    • Thank-you, Tracey. At this point I’m hoping it wasn’t beginner’s luck.

  2. With your wonderful use of color, I sincerely doubt it was beginner’s luck. I love to read how much fun you have when you paint! It shows! I love her little rosy cheeks!

    • Beth. Thank-you for your kind comments, especially on this one. It’s pretty scarey to move from your comfort zone of one medium to another. This compliment was much appreciated.

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