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I worked on several things in this painting. I wanted to furthur explore greens and all the colors that could be used with them. I created the fog on the distant hills by painting the first wash in color and allowing it to dry. Then I made a wash of white watercolor and washed it into the initial color. While the paper was still wet with that wash, I reintroduced the greens, reds, purples and yellows in the areas that you see them on the distant hills. I was careful to not let those colors interfere with the ones next to them. I used masking fluid and a small brush in varying layers to create the branches in the trees and on the ground as well as the grasses on the foreground hill in front of the hut.



  1. I like the contrasts between the foreground to the middle section to the mountains in the distance.

    • Thankyou, Kim. I was trying for that kind of division of space.

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love the wash of color to create the mist.

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