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This is my colored pencil assignment for this week. We were to paint a still life with the vegetable or fruit she gave us. I had to pay close attention to reflected color, the shadows the onions cast, and the local color of each onion. This was very challenging and something I want to try again in watercolor and  different objects. My specific challenge was developing the colors for the background because the one was so dark and the other so light. Colored pencil is just plain fun after the midpoint and you begin to see how the colors are blending. Sometimes, the color takes me a whole different direction than I planned.


  1. Wow! You captured the translucent quality of the outer skin. Makes me cry!

  2. Very nice Les, I love the color, you have a perfect eye…

  3. It is a detail work and the cross-hatching is finely done to give the required weight to the subject.

  4. i think that your onions are realy good… the purple is my favorite of the two!!!

    • Thanks, Tristan. I layered and layered and layered some more. Some areas have 6 layers of color on them.

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