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This week in watercolor class we worked on either a “big” sky or “big” water. I had read, recently, about just letting the water do the work on skies and render it in one pass before the paper dries. I had to use two passes before the paper dried but I was pleased with the outcome. I kept adding colors where the sky was darker and water where I wanted the clouds to remain white. I blotted in some areas with a kleenex where I wanted a lighter blue. The hard edges developed where I added water midway through and I softened some of them with a damp brush as the wash began to dry. Painting the sky this way made me feel as though the water was my helper. As a result, I approached the foreground field the same way. I just  shaped the field in with my color choices and watched and lifted. Mountains, fence and grasses were painted  after everything dried. What fun!



  1. Leslie – I love this sky – it looks alive! Thank you for sharing your technique. I will definitely be trying this.

  2. I really love this painting. The colors are so beautiful and I love the simplicity of it.

    • Thankyou!

  3. Leslie,
    I really love the vibrancy of this painting.

    • Thank-you so much! I have to try this again. Really like your city scape you just did!

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