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Monthly Archives: April 2009


Happy Easter everyone!


I was struck by the light bouncing off the back of this statue and creating patterns from the surrounding trees. I also liked the angle I was viewing him from. I had to try him in watercolor. This was the result.


I have so many dogs on my blog that I felt a need to add a kitty. When I did this, I challenged myself to paint a black cat without using black.  I used burnt sienna, pthalo turquoise and sepia to create little “Boo”.


This was my recent challenge. I limited myself to two colors to render a value study of a landscape. I used burnt sienna and prussian blue. The most difficult part was deciding what colors to alternate for the beginning light washes. After that, it was like putting a puzzle together and it was actually pretty fun to watch it develop. I will try this exercise again.

This painting has been used by Joshua Sellers to illustrate a Haiku he has posted on his blog Sketches From Life.

Linda Halcomb did a similar exercise here.


This is a digital creation I made from three of my dog portraits. I don’t spend enough time exploring what I can do with photoshop. I’m a beginner. I do like what I created, here, and wanted to share it with you.

tomthinking    ink

abstractline41   graphite

Sometimes, a few simple lines just work. I’m always looking for others’ work like this.


In this study, I applied glaze after glaze by allowing each layer to dry in between. I lifted out the areas that I wanted to remain light while each layer dried. This is an excercise in patience when watercolor is the medium.