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When I was in the second grade my teacher taught us all how to weave a basket out of construction paper strips. She told us that it was a May Day basket and we were to fill it with flowers and leave it at a special person’s back door. I remember telling my Mother about it and she helped me come up with the flowers to fill it. I left it at a special person’s back door. I don’t paint many flowers. These I painted, per request,  for my sister. I’m sure she would not mind my sharing them with all of you and wishing you a joyous day. Happy May Day all you SPECIAL people!

Splattering  a painting can enhance an otherwise dull painting, bring a feeling of light and or movement to a piece. Beth Parker has splattered a painting here.


  1. I am so glad you shared, something about orange is so uplifting!

  2. I LOVE THIS ONE LES, those sisters of yours! They have alot of your best stuff! Fabulous, I would love a print….again, your style amazes me…

  3. I love this one Leslie haven’t seen this one yet, I see the splatter and different shade in it , now why can’t i see that when im in class? lol

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