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I am taking another class in colored pencil. It’s fun to learn something new and colored pencil is my fun time! This was my first experience this class. The instructor had us make abstract shapes, experimenting with a colored pencil stick. From that design we were to create a finished piece. I don’t know if this would be considered finished, BUT it’s where I stopped. It was fun and primarily mindless and I will do this again. I enjoyed watching something develop. I have posted my last year’s attempts at colored pencil on another page. Click  colored pencil tab at top of page to view.

Kristen Krimmel discusses her use of a graphite stick and the endless mark making one can explore with it. This is essentially what we did, covering our paper with a design. We, then composed a finished piece from that mark making. The difference was that we used a colored pencil stick.


  1. Whats up I never saw this one I love it. Oh it is so peaceful!

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