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Monthly Archives: March 2009







forestave  Forest Ave. Corner

landscapelakesidepath  Lakeside Path

landscapelakeside  Lakeside Landscape

The above three landscapes are watercolor on gessoed paper. I use Aquarius II watercolor paper to apply the gesso to because it does not ripple like other brands when the gesso is applied. I liberally apply acrylic gesso to the paper with a regular trim brush used for painting the trim in your home. This way, I create ridges in the surface of  the gesso and adds to the painterly effect of the watercolor. I wait overnight for the gesso to completely dry before painting. Painting on this surface can be a little challenging; the less water the better. What is quite fun about it is that you can lift things out and reshape things. Too much water and the pigment runs everywhere. I always fix these paintings with a matte fixative because they can be damaged, easily, if they come in contact with water later.

Isabelle has also painted on gesso and you can view her painting on Not a Boring Day