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This is a loving little dog owned by the sister of a good friend and fellow artist, Tracey Hyde. Her name is Sammy. She was born with the left ear pointing to the left. Her nickname is “Left Turn”. I drew her in ink continuous line prior to watercoloring her. Tracey was kind enough to send me a picture of her to share with all of you.

sammy21  The Real Sammy


  1. This is a beautiful painting, Leslie. I can see that I’ll be clicking on the little RSS feed on your blog! I love the colors and style a lot!


    • Thank-you, Beth. I guess I’ll have to get my ink out and get going on some more ink and watercolors. It is one of my favorite ways to work.

  2. Lovely painting and what a funny little dog.

  3. Love these colours. I’ve come back to the very beginning

    • Wow! Thank you for going back through some of my older paintings!

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    […] me. Sammy is her sister’s little dog. I painted her about three years ago and posted her here. Her nick name is “Left Turn” because of the ear she carries out to the side. What […]

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