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  1. Hands are hard to do well for those who aren’t as talented as Leslie 🙂

    Looking through all your art works and wow a great collection. I was out for a while and I really want to take up art. Its just a hobby for me now and I really love it and I am getting some books now finally! Finally going to take it serious.

    • Hi Alonso! Thank-you for taking the time to go through my watercolors. These are studies I did of my own hand to see how different papers took the watercolor. It makes all the difference, the papers. I like doing the hand studies and learn so much from doing them even if it is just in pencil. I chose watercolor because I found it so challenging. I don’t think anyone can learn it all with watercolor. Just when you think you have it down, the water does something new with the paint. 🙂 Don’t give up. It is like learning anything else. The more you play and practice it, the better you get. Have fun while you are learning!

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