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  1. Ilove this one it looks so inviting

  2. You got the light, the color, the feel – perfectly! Love it!

  3. I love the light in this too.Looks a lovely house to stay in.

    • Thank-you, Sonya. This was the fourth painting I did of this cottage and it is my favorite. Part of it was because I liked the range of colors and partly because it offered me compositional choices I liked.

  4. Beautiful. I like the feel.

    • Thank-you, Shiraz. This was the one that my sister liked the best. This is what I was searching for in the first three.

  5. I love this – it’s so pretty!

    • Thank-you for taking the rounds on my blog today. This is fun answering your comments “spit-spot” when they come in from wordpress. This painting just was one of those that came together for me. I am not usually this lucky. Thank-you, Val.

  6. This painting is gorgeous, Leslie! I wouldn’t mind at all taking a vacation in that home too.

    • You found it! I could guess that you might like a vacation in this home. It is not on the ocean but on an inland lake in northern Michigan. My sister rents this about twice a year. I painted the back entrance, here: This particular view of it, however, is my favorite.

      • I don’t care if it’s not on the beach; the lake would suit me just fine. 🙂
        I did take a look at the linked post: beautiful work, Leslie!! I want to go too.

      • I have not been able to get away at the times she has gone, but I would love it too!

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  1. […] of composition.  One is found here and features the roadside entrance to the home. The other is here and features the lakeside entrance to the home. The entrance pictures are the ones my sister and […]

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