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Cheesecloth was used to print the tree shape. You can find a lesson in gauze printing on Beth Parker’s Blog. I also scratched in the surface of this painting with a razor blade and rendered the detail with colored pencil.

Beth has painted another painting using gauze, here.


  1. Ooooo! Love it, Leslie! I keep forgetting to try the razor blade technique! This is wonderful!

    • Thanks, Beth. Just thought I’d link to you so everyone could see more prints for watercolor.

  2. I love this Leslie! It’s beautiful, and I love the cheesecloth printing. Yesterday in class, my tutor showed us how to use lace for printing. It was beautiful, and you could actually feel the textures of the cloth on it. Same idea I think. I had never thought of using cloth before. Funny old world that I see it twice in the space of 24 hours.

    • Thank-you, Heather. It is kind of something very detailed with some very abstract shapes, don’t you think? I have used paper doilies but not lace as yet. It is very hard to control the print you get, but that is half the fun. I print, first, and then decide how to design from that. 🙂

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