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  1. You know I love this picture, it’s so exciting to say you are my mom knowing you can create something like this!

  2. Well, I don’t know what I like better–your painting or corey’s comment.

    • Thank-you, Pat. Corey inherited the love for horses. She is my biggest cheering session. I place the painting I’m currently working on up on the mantle and she sees them when she drops her daughter off for me to watch each day. She always has a nice word to say even when I’m struggling with something. Between her and the sharing with blog friends, I feel inspired to continue. Corey’s comment. We like Corey’s comment better…… 🙂

  3. Hello,
    How could I reach you about this watercolor? It is gorgeous. I wanted to ask you something specific about it. Could I trouble you to email me directly? Thanks very much, Lindsay

  4. Do you have prints available for sale of this painting? I love it!

    • Hi Kelsey,
      Thank you for your compliment on this painting. I do not make prints of my work. This painting sold shortly after I painted it.

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