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  1. The movement capturured in this painting is phenomenal.

  2. Color use is creative and effective in creating contrast for shadows.

  3. the power of an elephant’s movement has been captured here. The color you see in what would be a muted gray is brilliant.

  4. This painting is incredible! They are right about the movement. WOW! Of course, I am a big fan of the colors you used.

  5. Wow Indian ink and watercolour REALLY works LOVE IT and the details are exquisite and very defined. I love your use of colour – there’s clearly more to the noble elephant than grey..

    • Thank-you, Lynda. This is one of my favorites. I never know what I am going to get because I squirt the ink with water and then move my paper around tilting it and watching it run. I work it section by section. When they turn out, they are stunning, but with this technique, I lose more than I’d like.

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